Faded Thoughts; There is a World Outside of #SXSW

My body hurts. Today I had my first true cup of water without following it up with an alcoholic beverage.
I’m in the car now with the homies, heading back to St. Louis and I’m Chicago bound a few hours later.
SXSW was the greatest vacation I’ve ever taken. SXSW offered more music than I could handle, the underground-esque events, accidentally finding the most epic event you’ve ever encountered, the phone struggle was real, the amount of connections had me switching from being fcukd up to my networking mode.
I sparked up with legend Taz Arnold, I met Kendrick Lamar after some girl just gave me her artist behind stage badge, i met Slim Thug, connected with an editor from SPIN Magazine, kicked it with #SaveMoney, kicked it with my homies, I saw Wiz Khalifa, I ate a chicken and waffle taco with hot sauce and syrup, hot boxed a car with Texans, watched 2 chainz perform, basically I did a lot of shit.
Oh yah! I got the Creative Directing internship with the Marcus Graham Project this summer in Dallas, Tx!!
Also 10DEEP is sending me a box of gear, how dope is that?
I wasn’t on spring break, I just missed a week of school. Worth it? Yes.
I tend to be under the influence of some sort when I write here, hence faded thoughts, but this week has worn me out. My mind and body are running on fumes, so in essence my thiughts are faded. It was great.