Faded Thoughts; Cali

Looking’ at the 10:36am on the phone in my hand with these hazey eyes, thinking this and class are the only things I will wake up before 9am for. Traveling, business, learning, pleasure and networking.
I’m really taking it all in, a new element of inspiration has effected me as an artist. The feelings of the cites are all completely different, each one supplying me with a different high.
California chillin’ heading to Las Vegas for Magic Convention. This will be a learning experience. It already has been since the plane took off Saturday from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.
Oh yeah! Last night was crazy as hell.. I went to The W for Jazz Night, Macy Gray was spinning then later that night went to a club where Iggy Azaelea performed and T.I. was chillin in the building.
Also I’m applying for the Marcus Graham Project internship as a Creative or Brand Director. It’s an internship where I’ll be housed in Dallas, Tx for 11 weeks over the summer and I would work on Rock the Vote. I hope I get a chance to be a part of the team, no matter the position…
Its raining in L.A. Shout out to Ends/Wealth Corp. and Portage Chicago.
“Chill Out and Make Art”