Faded Thoughts

I’m writing without any particular direction or theme for this blog post, that’s fine…

One thing that has been on my mind a lot is music. Music… I’m always listening to music, throughout the day I vibe and vibe. 

I believe it helps to balance me out artistically and mentally. My mind spaz’s with images and ideas 24/7 and it can drive me up the wall. Fantasizing about countless designs, characters, storyboards, companies, homework, branding, how fcukd up our society is, missing St. Louis, and how many unanswered questions I have… Really, I’m just rambling…

Without music, I’d be a lost cause. I really appreciate anyone who can craft something that’s considered pleasant to the ears… I’m tone def and I can’t create a beat to save my life… I was not born musically inclined at all.

I’m sipping a Miller High Life and listening to Kendrick Lamar. I had a long week of classes and it’s only Tuesday.